GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate) Training

Iprosurv a2cofc and gvc drone training

Ever thought of turning your hobby into a paid career, or adding a new dimension to your existing business?

Due to the recent changes in drone legislation in the UK, a whole new market has been presented to both hobbyist and recreational fliers.

The new rules focus around the new A2CofC qualification and removing the separation between commercial and recreational flying, based around the type of UAV or drone flown.

From 31st December 2020 under the new UAS regulations recreational flyers can now carry out commercial work*. If you successfully complete the A2CofC course you can operate a ‘legacy’ drone up to 2kg (includes the Phantom 4 series and Mavic 2 series drones) in the A2 sub category. All that is required is a theory test which can be done online. No practical flight test is required.

*commercial drone insurance is required.

This opportunity opens up a whole new area of operations in some business sectors such as… Surveyors, Roofing contractors, Engineers, Security services.

Iprosurv the largest supplier of commercial drones to the insurance market, with a national network of pilots has partnered with a National supplier of UAV training.

Combining Iprosurv’s market leading knowledge and supply chain of global companies combined with professional drone training we have together created a complete new market opportunity for hobbyists and recreational users to enter the commercial drone market.

How could the largest national drone supply chain of professional, legal drone pilots and system analytics to the commercial market help you kick start that career.

  • A2CofC and GVC training at our modern training facility.
  • On successful completion of your training registration on the Iprosurv commercial drone supply chain to start receiving paid work.
  • Continual training to help upgrade to General Visual Certificate (GVC)
  • On successful completion of your GVC the opportunity to join under the Iprosurv Pilot Partnership programme.
  • Access to the Iprosurv drone workflow management system to help gain clients.
  • Continued support from Iprosurv to help grow your business.
  • Access to the National network of Iprosurv drone pilots.
  • Access to Iprosurv advanced UAS suite of modules to enable you to advance and specialise .