Inspection Solutions

"Very good service, within 24 hours, drone out and footage uploaded. We have been able to approve the works with a very happy policy holder" – Adjuster

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are a fast, cost-effective way to inspect and survey hard-to-access structures, land, pipelines and infrastructure – onshore or offshore.

They quickly and safely collate digital images that, when combined with leading-edge software, can provide businesses with valuable insights and data about their assets.

Traditional methods of inspection – such as helicopters, rope access, sky lifts, cherry pickers and scaffolding – can be time-consuming and costly.

In most instances, Iprosurv’s top-of-the-range drone technology can deliver enhanced imagery for less than half the cost and in half the time – with less disruption to your business.

It can also reduce or eliminate the risks associated with traditional inspection methods, while the increased delivery speed means less downtime for your organisation. That’s bound to give you a competitive edge!

Our considerable experience and knowledge mean Iprosurv can provide inspection solutions where they have never been possible before – and we would be happy to work with you to explore the 'art of the possible'.

We also undertake simple, repeatable, regular work, such as annual maintenance inspections. By overlaying images captured in different time periods, we can help your organisation track any degradation of its assets and identify defects early.

IPROSURV offers:

  • Inspection of areas that would otherwise be difficult or costly to access
  • Less disruption to your business and its immediate environment
  • Quick attendance on site and 24-hour turnaround of images, once captured
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Use of advanced software to give new data, views and insights
  • A constantly expanding range of uses for drone technology, including defect detection, degradation tracking, damage investigation, repair-progress monitoring, evidence collection and loss prevention
  • A range of media transfer, sharing and storage options
  • Peace of mind through our unrivalled attention to regulatory compliance
  • Reduced health and safety risks during inspections
  • Consultancy services