Iprosurv Academy Advanced Drone Training

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As the UK largest drone provider to multiple sectors including insurance, utility, construction, marine, agriculture and many other sectors, we believe we are ideally placed to train drone operators to a very high standard and deliver drone related courses to multiple sectors that’s one of the reasons we developed the Iprosurv Academy.

Since our formation in 2014 we have worked tirelessly within the drone sector we have seen many changes not only to regulation but also training and more importantly the industry acceptance of drones and their potential.

Using our industry knowledge we have designed courses which give our students enhanced knowledge and add on courses that can enhance their particular drone sector skills such as:

  • Mapping
  • Construction monitoring
  • Security
  • 3D and 2D Modeling and data capture
  • Commercial data capture
  • Multi storey and tower block inspections
  • Extended Visual Line of Sight

We cater for individual drone operators and also large corporate companies wanting advice and guidance on how to implement drone solutions into their existing workflow, either a lone operator or corporate company we have the training to accommodate your needs from online courses to package industry specific courses such as construction site managers, or Engineering applications.

For our corporate companies if you have the training facilities or one near by, we can come to you and train your in house staff on how to use drones, also for corporate companies we offer an in house managed service, find out more here.

Iprosurv academy online training

Our online course ensures that students can relax and take the training at their own pace in the comfort and safety of your own home or office.

The easy to follow modules guide you through section by section, you will also have access to your instructor and the ability to communicate with them if you need a little bit of explanation or guidance. some courses have the option of monthly payments to help spread the cost.

Your own student dashboard where you can track progress, start and stop courses at your own pace, review enrolled courses and track subscriptions and billing.

All from the comfort of your own home or office.

If you prefer the face to face and classroom environment then we can provide that for you. Our state of the art training rooms and surrounding spaces are if not some of the best but the best training facility of any other RAE.

Located at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, Technology Centre in Sheffield in Our training locations boasts dedicated high Tec training solutions, with lunch and refreshments provided.

  • Choice of Online or Face to Face Classroom based learning
  • A2CofC, GVC, PfCO to GVC Conversion Online Learning
  • Industry Specific Package Courses
  • CPD Library
  • Access to our training portal with a variety of courses
  • Comfortable Office surroundings
  • Choice of Training Locations
  • Choice of Flight Test Locations if Needed