Iprosurv The First RAE to Offer Free CPD

Iprosurv has always been know for being the leading and only complete drone services supply chain in the UK, not only offering our clients a complete end to end service from Operations, Consultation, Training and Equipment supply.

As it comes to the end of another successful year for Iprosurv on many fronts from new client wins from various sectors including blue light, military, utilities and construction offering our complete solution for business and organisations, we wanted to share the joy and finish the year on a high.

Therefore we are giving back to the community that has supported us since 2014 and will be moving forward from today making available free online CPD courses to all (thats right Free) no 50% discount, no black friday deals, no christmas special discount, completely FREE.

Over the last year we have been building our CPD database and we are now ready to release the first modules on our Iprosurv training portal.

Areas that will be covered will continually be added to but will include such as:

  • Drone Risk Assessment
  • Drone Maintenance
  • GDPR
  • Flight Planning
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Best Software
  • 3D Modeling and software’s
  • 3D Data Capture
  • 2D Data Capture

During the 2023 additional modules will be also be added.

The modules will be continually built upon and by registering on the FREE CPD page you will be updated when new FREE CPD modules are added.

Continuing, or continuous, professional development (CPD), can be broadly defined as any type of learning you undertake which increases your knowledge, understanding and experiences of a subject area or role

Iprosurv The First RAE to Offer Free CPD

All of our CPD is certified by The CPD Certification Service and you will recieve a CPD certificate to add to your development log.

Wherever you see the image oposite on one of our courses it will be free to register and access the course.

Whilst CPD is not a mandatory part of the renewal process for drone operators, we believe it is best practice for operators to know about changing industry standards, regulation, legislation changes, but also to learn new skills such as flight planning, conducting vertical mapping missions for tower blocks, data collection methods, 3D modeling, helpful resources that can be found FREE on the internet to help planning etc.

We will also look at some of the software’s that are out there advantages and limitations.

If you have a CPD project you would like to share, you will have an option to contact us where we can host the CPD online for you, ensuring that your fellow operators get the benefit of all our knowledge and advance the drone industry forward.

You will also have the opportunity to browse our other training courses from full CAA approved courses to mini micro courses.

To access our training portal and free CPD click the button below.