Construction Monitoring Systems

“Using Iprosurv in our first project management solution for scoping works and timetables is definitely a step in the right direction’ I can fully recommend Iprosurv” – Construction site manger

Managing a construction project is no small task. From tracking site progress and monitoring safety, to overseeing subcontractors and keeping stakeholders informed, there is almost no end to the level of coordination required on any given day.

Early Adopters

It’s no wonder project managers on job sites of all sizes are turning to drones for support. In fact, the construction industry has been one of the earliest and most enthusiastic adopters of drone technology. In the last year alone, the commercial drone industry has grown 240% and much of that growth is driven by the construction industry.

3D Models, Volumetrics, and More

Aerial photos, maps, and 3D models have the power to transform your workflow. Not only can drones save your construction projects money and resources, they also give your team a technical set of data for more informed communication and decision making.

Better Informed Decisions

Advanced drone inspection equipment can map a construction site in minutes and produce detailed results.. The process is simple and repeatable with automated flight planning ensuring consistent results time after time. This curates implementable data for key decision makers. As a result, this causes a surge in the efficiency and renders complete information to workers as the project develops, and allows various authorities including architects, engineers, and project managers to make better informed decisions in all aspects of the projects.

Our Technology Can Help With:

  • Progress Monitoring
  • Security and Maintenance
  • Health and Safety Risk Management
  • Set Benchmarks and Reporting Stages
  • Pre Site Information on Land Levels and Elevations, Cut and Fill Reports
Drone Construction and Site Monitoring Advantages
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Security and Maintenance Monitoring
  • Risk and Safety Management
  • Simple and Repeatable Inspections Results
  • Cut Costs, Improve Decision Making, Reduce Access Issues
  • One Data Set, Multiple Outputs
  • Instantly Shareable with all Stakeholders
  • Cut and Fill Reports
  • Volumetric Measurements
Drone technology and analytics
  • Ortho-mosaic models
  • 3D Interactive Models
  • Ground elevation models
  • Volumetric measurements
  • Lidar data collection
  • Thermal data collection and reporting
  • KML file production for google earth overlay
  • Cut and Fill Reports
Why Iprosurv

Not all drone service suppliers are the same Iprosurv have continually inovated within the drone market, which is reflected in our client base. Some of the advantages of using Iprosurv are: Full UK Coverage Proprietary software system with white label option and unlimited user access with self serve granular access permissions to users.

  • On site access within 4 8hrs
  • Multiple outputs from one data set
  • ISO 9001 company
  • Fully managed service option.
  • £10 million insurance cover