Operations Manual Review Service

As a professional UAS pilot operating in the Specific category, your Operations Manual (OM) is the heartbeat of your operations. It dictates how you are going to operate, what parameters you will operate within and what systems and procedures you have in place to ensure safe operations. It will also include your emergency procedures and checklists.

Operations Manual Review Service

Your very first OM was probably checked and assessed by your NQE or RAE depending on when you passed your course, so would have passed with flying colours.

As you know, your OA (Operational Authorisation) requires renewing on an annual basis which means your need to review and update your OM for submission to the CAA.

Live Document

Your OM is a live document so should be updated for every change in the regulations or change of circumstances or procedures in your operations. We all lead busy lives, and sometimes the updates are overlooked or forgotten which leads to a mad rush at the end to get it updated to renew your OA in time.

With the CAA now potentially charging a £124 rejection fee if your OA application does not meet their criteria, it is important to get your OM fully compliant to avoid any rejection fees.

It is vitally important that you know your OM inside out. CAP 722A states that the manuals should be your own work.

  • Any changes to the regulations
  • Changes to Referenced Documents
  • Any changes made in your OM

Discount Services One Hour Turnaround?

There are lots of people offering OM review services and looking around forums, the internet, and social media you can find cheap OM review offerings and in some cases turnaround in an hour – as a professional operator, this should raise alarm bells.

Some say they will email your OM ready for submission with no time given to make sure you understand the changes that have been made and why.

So, what do we do differently and why choose us?

Firstly, it is not just about making sure your OM references the latest documents and talks about the UK(EU)Reg 947/2019.

This is the opportunity to look at your business model and ensure your OM is still fit for purpose and reflects the operations you are conducting. As part of our service, in the first instance engage with you to, this is to understand operations and how your current operations manual flows your operations. Within this review we will look at the following areas:

  • Has your organisation structure changed?
  • Have you introduced new roles and responsibilities?
  • Are you using contracted pilots? Have you a procedure for this?
  • Have you a Night-time operations section? Do you need one?
  • Have you reviewed your checklists, are they current?
  • Are your emergency procedures correct, when did you last practise them?
  • Are you tying yourself down to operating certain drones?
  • Are you mixing Open category wording with Specific category?
  • Do you still need to operate in the Specific category?

Post Review Process

Operations Manual Review Service

Once we have done the review, we will go through your OM and make the necessary changes as we discussed to bring it up to date.

We will then have a video call with you for as long as it takes for you to go through and understand the changes that have been made, so there is no doubt in our mind that you understand your updated OM. You will confirm with us in an email that you have read and fully understand your OM. We will then send you the last version for you to submit to the CAA when you are ready.

Operating Safety Case

We also offer a similar service for Operating Safety Case (OSC) renewals and updates. Due to the OSC being a lot more complex involving three comprehensive manuals this may incur extra costs so please contact us separately to discuss.

Subscription service

Iprosurv Operations Manual Review Service

So now, your now your operations manual is updated and current in line with the legislation and operational procedures – we appreciate keeping the changes up to date requires valuable commitment of your time.

Our annual subscription service ensures your OM is kept up to date throughout the year – not just when it is about to expire. This also ensures if you are selected for a CAA audit you are in possession of an OM that is up to date not just with your operational procedures but any changes by the CAA.

Any changes in regulations, issuing of applicable safety notices or relevant Skywise publications we will contact you to discuss the updates. Likewise, you can contact us with any changes to your business model or operations, we will then make thew updates and amendments needed.

Following the same process above, once updated we will arrange a video call with you for as long as it takes to ensure you are aware of the changes and how the amendments impact on your operations. Remember, this does not require a variation submission to the CAA so no fees to the CAA are needed. You just need to email your latest OM to them so they can update your records.

To find out more email training@iprosurv.com or click the button below to go to our contact page and select Operations Manual Review Service from the drop down menu and complete the information.

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