Our Drone Operators

Having the right people in your business is critical to not just to the smooth day to day running and operations but also the reputation of the business. As the Nations number 1 supplier of drone operations, it is vital that we have the right UAS (drone) operators in our supply chain to deliver a service that is a benefit to your business and your clients, that’s why despite the growing number of drone operators – we are quite picky in terms of our drone operators who enter out supply chain.  Iprosurv’s UK-wide network of skilled and experienced drone operators deliver bespoke, quality inspection services to a range of industries, including:

Pilot Supply Chain

Businesses are increasingly turning to drone technology for their inspections; not only is it faster, safer and more cost-effective than traditional inspection methods, but it also produces higher-quality outputs. All of our carefully selected and vetted pilots are accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority and have a minimum two years’ commercial experience.

Our Drone Operators

Iprosurv have extensive regulatory approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, our complex operations exemptions allow us to operate with a limited take-off and landing area in congested and urban environments with an additional exemption for Extended flight (EVLOS) to 2km.

UK-wide network of skilled and experienced drone operators

We have been operating commercially delivering exceptional service, along with an unrivalled fully managed on-demand drone inspection service to Fortune 500 companies and global brands through our nationwide network of drone operators for over 7 years.

Iprosurv and our operators have conducted some of the most complex, high-profile drone inspections in the UK, and provide exemplary service with minimal disruption to your business.

Iprosurv’s use of innovative techniques gives our operators a significant edge over our competitors and ensures consistent customer satisfaction. For your complete peace of mind, they are also fully insured and adhere to all mandatory safety and data protection regulations.

Your Brand is Our Brand

Your brand is important to you, as is ours. When engaging with Iprosurv we have your interests at the heart of our business, meaning any interaction with your clients is done on a professional, friendly, and helpful manner. From our office staff to our operators on site we like to ensure that you are confident you and your clients are well cared for.

Operator Recruitment and Selection

Unlike some other drone service suppliers we are not a register of drone pilot names and addresses who have paid a subscription fee to receive leads, all of our pilots are selected on their skillsets, experience and standing.

Once a pilot is selected to join the network, they like any procurement requirement our operators must complete due diligence and procurement process, including sign supplier contracts in relation to intellectual property.

All our operators are required to undertake a flight assessment with our director of training and development Andrew Hamilton which can be conducted remotely.


All our operators are fully licensed drone operators, to ensure that we can consistently deliver an outstanding service to you we carry out bespoke training with our operators in a range of inspection types and learnings, from flying in complex environments such as city centres and sensitive sites, to understanding new technology in all aspects of the drone industry such as agriculture, engineering and construction but to name a few.


Prior to onboarding all our pilots go through a strict vetting process which involves background checks, financial checks, as well as the normal regulatory checks which we need to do in compliance of the Civil Aviation Authority

National Coverage

Operators are located throughout the UK from Shetland Islands to Jersey, Guernsey, Northern Ireland and Eire, we have also a network of operators to cover areas of Europe.

Traditionally, many of our deployments are completed within a 5-day window depending on the project.

From small residential property claims, windblown forestry, construction monitoring, precision agriculture, facilities management, confined inspections, engineering but to name a few.

Having such a large network of professional drone pilots ensures we always have access to the correct equipment and expertise for every deployment.