Like every member of the Iprosurv Pilot Network, Alex is a highly experienced, professional drone pilot applying the latest technology and techniques to make inspections and aerial analysis faster, safer and cheaper. As part of the award-winning drone services provider, Iprosurv, Alex’s services are fully compliant with all CAA and ICO requirements ensuring that all his/her clients receive the most secure and efficient service possible.

Who we are

EDS Aero is one of the youngest firms to join Pilot Partners having been set up by former airline pilot, Alex Stephenson in late 2020.

Having seen the direction of travel for the aviation industry, Alex decided to take his 17 years of commercial flight experience and bring it to the fast-growing drone sector, focusing mainly on property inspections, residential, commercial and industrial roof inspections and surveys. Based in Exeter, Alex holds Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO), Certificate of Competency (A2CofC) and has a General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) from the Civil Aviation Authority and is a member of industry trade body, ARPAS. He is also working with Exeter College’s aviation department to create a training and education programme dedicate to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). He is fully insured for operations of all types including public liability.

Our Equipment

EDS Aero employs DJI drones as standard but equips them with a range of cameras which allows the approach to be tailored to the individual requirements of each job. For instance, the visual camera and FLIR Lepton sensor is used to obtain data that improves situational awareness and when operating at night, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual thermal sensor and 2400 lumen spotlights are used to aid navigation, avoid obstacles and provide situational awareness. Software packages such as Scopito enable asset and structure inspection data to be presented and annotated in an easy to read format. For example, roof surveys and inspections can be presented via Scopito or Pix4d to enable quick report creation and a secure platform for customer or stakeholder data access. In addition, Pix4d enables the creation of detailed point clouds, asset inspection, management and workflow creation for customers, and other stakeholders. When operating within an airport's FRZ, the DJI Airsense is used to track ADS-B equipped aircraft for safer operation.

Our experience

As an airline pilot, Alex has developed skills that enable him to effectively plan operations, assess and mitigate risk, work with various stakeholders, understand industry regulations, whilst delivering a professional and reliable service.  During his 17-year service at Flybe, he was appointed Flight Safety Officer for the airline, experience that he brings to the way he conducts every drone flight. EDS Aero’s drones have a wide range of applications but focus primarily on commercial and industrial unit inspection, thermal inspection (particularly of solar panels), supporting the insurance industry in damage inspection, 2D and 3D mapping of land, buildings, stockpiles, solar farms and wind turbines as well as aerial filming and photography. Key sectors in which EDS Aero operates include property, building and construction, insurance, marine and airport ground services and fire.

Why us

There aren’t many drone pilots out there who can claim to bring over a decade of commercial flight experience to bear for their clients. Alex can. A detailed and instinctive knowledge of flight safety, control and situational awareness means that Alex can conduct drone flights in a completely safe and compliant manner every time. By taking this experience and the wide range of tech at his disposal, and tailoring it to individual client requirements, Alex is able to provide a service that suits the client’s needs, whether that is inspecting a residential rooftop or surveying a solar farm.


The services we provide:

  • Commercial & Industrial Property Inspection
  • Asset Inspection
  • Property & Asset Damage Inspection
  • Aerial Photography & Data Collection
  • Thermal Inspections (TBC)


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