Flying Pix Ltd

We can help you see the world from a different nagle

We can help you see the world from a different nagle

Drone photography and Video - the South East of England and beyond

We are authorised by the CAA to fly our drones (including flying after darkness sets in) - we are fully insured and have a lot of experience in providing bespoke photography and videography for our clients including the BBC. Our camera which is an integral part of the drone produces pictures in 1080P HD which is 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels tall and we can do filming in upto 4K (ultra HD) Examples of our work include roof and chimney inspections (much more cost-effective than hiring scaffolding), site surveys, photography/video of your property, either as a memento or for sales purposes and special events such as weddings, parties, parades and motor sport events. Short videos for promotional purposes for social media is also something we do.


The services we provide:

  • Construction site updates from the air
  • Roof & Chimney inspections
  • Estate agency work
  • Social media content
  • Motor Sports events

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