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We provide tailor made drone services, including aerial photography, high level inspections, drone surveys and aerial mapping. ​​

We provide tailor made drone services, including aerial photography, high level inspections, drone surveys and aerial mapping. ​​

We can produce stunning videos, in 4K high definition, to really give your presentation the WOW factor and make it stand out.​​ Or perhaps you need a high level inspections carried out? Our drones are ideal for performing inspections or surveys on tall structures, trees, roofing and other inaccessible high places. We also do aerial mapping, we can overfly a subject, to recreate 2 and 3D images.

Need a promotional video to compete for online attention?​ Got a product or project you want to promote? ​ Want to make your company stand out from your competitors? ​ Looking for stock footage and photographs? We have worked for The Church of England, Biffa waste disposal and many more. Whatever your requirements, be it web content, social media updates, to a full on promotional video we can deliver it.​ We also have a selection of stock footage and images for sale, so please get in touch if you are looking for something specific you can't see on our website, we may still have what you want. Need a high level inspections carried out? Why send someone to work at height when a drone can do the job? ​​ With our drones there's no need for working at height teams, scaffolding or high reach platforms. ​We can perform detailed inspections quickly and safely, returning high resolution images and video for you to analyse in the comfort of your home or office. The bottom line is we can save you time and money. ​​ We offer two levels of service, we can have our chartered surveyor look at the data and prepare a report, which you get with all the images and videos or you can analyse the data yourself, to draw your own conclusions. Perhaps you need a site mapped, to create 2 and 3D images on the computer? We have the drones and the software to do this for you. Our drones can fly over a site, whether it is yet to be developed or an existing building. The drone captures multiple images, which are then joined together, like a mosaic, to create one detailed image. From this it is possible to take measurements and analyse the subject in close detail. This technology can be used to map sites under construction, so you can check progress is on track and errors aren't being made. Existing buildings can be mapped to create accurate, detailed online images, so you can inspect them closely for issues. 3D models can be viewed from all sides, making it easy to get a full view of the building from your office.


The services we provide:

  • Aerial photography and video creation
  • Aerial inspections
  • Aerial surveys
  • Aerial mapping
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