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Like every member of the Iprosurv Pilot Network, Naveen is a highly experienced, professional drone pilot applying the latest technology and techniques to make inspections and aerial analysis faster, safer and cheaper. As part of the award-winning drone services provider, Iprosurv, Naveen’s services are fully compliant with all CAA and ICO requirements ensuring that all his/her clients receive the most secure and efficient service possible.

Who we are

Naveen Saddi has been operating as a commercial drone pilot since 2019, mainly servicing the utilities sector. He has been long-standing recreational user of drones but in his role as a Geographic Information System (GIS) consultant to various utilities companies, he started to see the potential applications of commercial drones in their operations.As drone hardware and software improved year on year, he could see that they could easily replace the traditional method of using costly helicopters and deploying large numbers of field workers to survey sites and land so he set about changing the way they operate.He holds Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO) and a Remote Pilot Competency Certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority and has many years’ experience in GIS technologies and remote sensing.

Our Equipment

Naveen uses a range of the latest drone technology including Drone Deploy and DJI Go 4 for flight control and mapping as well as the Pix4D Precision Mapper and Drone2map (ESRI) for 2D and 3D data capture and producing cartographic outputs and analysis.This range of tools and their varied applications means that Naveen is able to bring his expertise to a wide range of sectors.

Our experience

Naveen has over two years’ experience operating drones commercially but has over [INSERT NUMBER] of years flight experience in total.Most of his experience has been in the utilities sector (power, gas and water) where he has brought his GIS experience to bear to help produce high quality, ready to use 3D site and land maps for clients as well as producing photogrammetry, Lidar and NDVI-derived outputs and analysis.While he has a keen interest in aerial photography and videography, both from a personal and professional perspective, it is in the post-processing applications of the data the drones collect where he believes the real value of the technology lies.He has expertise in spatial analysis, photogrammetry and Lidar data analysis as well as in processing spatial data and producing high-quality cartographic products.As such, Naveen has moved beyond his core utilities market and has employed his drones in infrastructure mapping, inspections, surveying and in land and agricultural aerial surveys.

Why us

Drones of course perform their duty much faster, cheaper and more safely than standard approaches, but it is often in the analysis of the data they collect and the delivery of that data in a way that clients can easily access, where their real value becomes apparent.And that is exactly where Naveen’s many years’ experience in GIS, combined with his drone flight expertise, comes into play. Which is why his drones and his approach are fast becoming an integral element in the operations of utility firms and land and agriculture managers across the UK.


The services we provide:

  • Utilities Inspection and surveys
  • Aerial Photo and Videography
  • 3D Mapping
  • Data processing and analysis - GIS
  • Lidar


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