Ultimate Aerial View

Like every member of the Iprosurv Pilot Network, Paul is a highly experienced, professional drone pilot applying the latest technology and techniques to make inspections and aerial analysis faster, safer and cheaper. As part of the award-winning drone services provider, Iprosurv, Paul’s services are fully compliant with all CAA and ICO requirements ensuring that all his/her clients receive the most secure and efficient service possible.

Who we are

Ultimate Aerial View is a Kent based organisation specialising in Aerial Video and Photography using cost effective drones to complete tasks what would normally be costly and high risk.Using Ultimate Aerial view for your inspection work reduces cost, time and reduces health and safety issues.

Our Equipment

Ultimate Aerial View drones have a wide range of applications but focus primarily on commercial and industrial unit inspection, demolition surveys, supporting the insurance industry in damage inspection, 2D and 3D mapping of land, buildings, stockpiles, solar farms and wind turbines as well as aerial filming and photography.Using state of the art drones and software systems to tailor every operation to our clients specifications.

Our experience

As an qualified pilot, Paul has developed skills that enable him to effectively plan operations, assess and mitigate risk, work with various stakeholders, understand industry regulations, whilst delivering a professional and reliable service.      

Why us

There aren’t many drone pilots out there who can claim to bring over a decade of commercial flight experience to bear for their clients. Paul can. A detailed and instinctive knowledge of flight safety, control and situational awareness means that Paul can conduct drone flights in a completely safe and compliant manner every time.


The services we provide:

  • Industrial Roof Inspections and Surveys
  • Domestic Property Inspections and Surveys
  • Construction and Demolition Progress Reports and Surveys
  • Raw Materials and Stock Surveys
  • Pylons, Towers, Chimneys Inspection and Survey


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    "Ultimate Aerial View has been used by Iprosurv on many occasions and has always delivered outstanding work. in a compliant, legal and safe environment and is a very well respected member of the Iprosurv partnerships."

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