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Wildcat Drones

Like every member of the Iprosurv Pilot Network, Graham is a highly experienced, professional drone pilot applying the latest technology and techniques to make inspections and aerial analysis faster, safer and cheaper. As part of the award-winning drone services provider, Iprosurv, Graham's services are fully compliant with all CAA and ICO requirements ensuring that all his/her clients receive the most secure and efficient service possible.

Who we are

Whitby-based Wildcat Drones was established in 2019 by Graham Stone a lifelong mechanical engineer before he was bitten by the drone bug. With 34 years’ experience supplying specialised equipment across the food, chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries, Graham had seen first-hand that the way inspections were conducted across a range of industries was time-consuming and inefficient. He knew there had to be a better way and he found that in 2019 with drones. He quickly secured his Approved Drone Operator license from the Civil Aviation Authority, Level 4 Award for Commercial Drone Pilots from Ofqual and completed his training in drone surveying and photogrammetry.

Our Equipment

Graham uses the right drone for the right job, but his mainstays are the DJIM210 drone with X5S camera and the Z30 camera which has the capability to zoom in 180 times, allowing for detailed inspections at a distance. He also uses the Mavik2 Enterprise for instructions that require thermal imaging.

Our experience

Naturally, Graham has gravitated towards the engineering applications of drone technology deploying drones to inspect everything from the safety of breakwaters to measuring the stockpile of woodchips for a biomass power station. Due to his professional background in engineering, Graham specialises in the inspection of industrial plant and equipment, conducting ground surveys, building and infrastructure inspection and construction progress monitoring. But as his armoury of drone equipment increases, Graham has moved into conducting thermal surveys to assist with heat insulation testing, thermal storage mapping and building maintenance inspections for the construction industry and large infrastructure operators such as ports, refineries, and chemical works.

Why us

For Graham, it’s all about the data. While the drones provide the capability, it is the data they capture and how it can be presented that makes all the difference. Whether it is a large, complex infrastructure project or a simple roof inspection, Graham’s engineering experience and his extensive training as a drone pilot mean that every client gets the data they need in a much more effective and affordable way than ever before.

The services we provide:

  • Aerial Inspections
  • Geographical and Land Surveys
  • Industrial Inspections
  • Thermal Inspections
  • 3D Mapping Surveys

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