Iprosurv Pilot Partnerships

Partnership between Iprosurv and drone pilots

Breaking boundaries is never easy and even harder when you’re on your own.

We know just how hard it is because we’ve been there.  And it’s why we have created Pilot Partnerships.

By partnering only with the best drone pilots, together we are creating the most professional, secure and technically advanced pilot network in the UK.

Since we started out in 2014, we have been working hard to build deep, lasting relationships with our clients through an unswerving dedication to operational excellence, safety and data security. And we want you to be part of our next leap forward.

Our clients include the country’s leading insurance companies, property management firms, public authorities, agricultural specialists and the emergency services and with every new relationship we develop, we open the eyes of another organisation to the possibilities that drone technology presents.

But we want to open more eyes, up and down the country, and we need your help.

We believe that it is only by working together and operating under the strictest professional standards, that drone technology will finally fulfil its huge potential.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks. What’s in it for you?

  • Immediate access to our proprietary, fully secure software platform, 3D modelling tools, AI inspection capabilities, case management, secure data transfer system, flight planning software and much more
  • Full access to the operational flight exemptions we have secured from the Civil Aviation Authority, exemptions granted to only 1% of pilots in the UK
  • A full suite of sector-leading marketing tools including a personalised website, client prospecting support, social media support, marketing brochures and much more
  • Full training for you and any employees in relation to Operational Case Safety

This is just a taste of the benefits you’ll receive and all for a cost that we think will surprise you.

But of course, no two pilots or businesses are the same, so we have built Pilot Partnership in a way that allows you to choose the support you need, when you need it.

All of us are better when we are part of something bigger, while still having the freedom to follow our own path. And joining Iprosurv’s Pilot Partnerships will give you and your business the boost it needs to make the mark you want.

Individually, we are good. But together, we can be so much more.

We can create the professionalism our sector needs.

Introduce the benefits of drone technology to every part of the economy.

And create the industry that you and your drones deserve.

Play your part in the drone revolution and contact our team today!