Police to get new powers to combat illegal drone use

Police to get new powers to combat illegal drone use

The government will issue police with new detention and disruption equipment as part of its strategy regarding the criminal use of UAVs, The Times has reported.

The strategy also includes the development of an international set of standards for manufacturers, which aims to ensure that all drones are fitted with safety features.

The news follows the announcement of air traffic management legislation in the Queen’s Speech last week, which will give police more powers to stop and search suspected drone users.

The legislation, which will come into effect at the end of November, requires all operators of drones weighing more than 250g to register with the Civil Aviation Authority.

The strategy is part of a response to the Gatwick airport incident last December which led to the cancellation of around1,000 flights, and growing drone use in the UK.

Security minister Brandon Lewis wrote in The Times that the new strategy will “protect against threats while being careful not to get in the way of those working to harness this technology for good”.

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