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Insurance Solutions:

Drones are quick, cost-effective, non- invasive inspection solutions that deliver stunning results to aid better, faster and more precise decision-making

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Inspection Solutions:

Traditional methods of inspection – such as helicopters, rope access, sky lifts, cherry pickers and scaffolding – can be time-consuming and costly.

In most instances, Iprosurv’s top-of-the-range drone technology can deliver enhanced imagery for less than half the cost, in half the time and with less disruption to your business.

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Construction Solutions:

Modern technology and digitalisation has enabled the construction industry to operate efficiently and protect the bottom line. Iprosurv renders drone services which provide high quality data, benefiting our clients to be more efficient and make informed decisions with accurate information.

Facilities Management:

Regular building inspections allow you to monitor the condition of assets over time and carry out preventative maintenance.