About Iprosurv the only National B2B national drone solution

"Many thanks for providing access to the drone inspection, I have viewed the videos / images and I’m extremely impressed" – Claims Director

Iprosurv was launched in 2014 and saw the potential of drone technology in pioneering a new type of visual-inspection service for businesses.

We supply high-quality visual intelligence and market-leading insight data to industries across the UK and around the world, using our network of expert drone pilots.

Whether your inspection needs are simple and standard or large and technically challenging, Iprosurv’s solutions are faster, more efficient and better value than traditional inspections.

We specialise in delivering tailored solutions using our state-of-the-art drones.

These can be deployed in situations where it would be too dangerous to send a person to evaluate the condition of a structure or the severity of any damage – for example, where there is extreme noise or heat, or noxious fumes.

We also offer media access, transfer and storage, and comply fully with all relevant regulations – giving you peace of mind, whatever your inspection requirements, we are also an ISO-9001:2015 registered company, giving our clients even greater peace of mind.


Our Vision

To be the leading B2B drone network and media-management firm in the UK

Our Mission

To expand the art of the possible when it comes to our clients’ visual-inspection needs

Our Goal

To be recognised as the best in all we do: read our quality statement HERE.


iProsurv is G.R.E.A.T


Innovating Continually


Safety and compliance first


Great value for money


Rapid responders


Experts in our field


Always friendly and flexible


Trusted business relationships

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