Iprosurv Academy CAA Approved Drone Training

Take flight with confidence

Iprosurv is an approved Civil Aviation Authority Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) delivering drone operator courses to individuals and businesses wishing to integrate drone technology into existing or new workflows.

Iprosurv has operated in the drone industry in many sectors including Insurance, Construction, Utilities, Inspection, and Infrastructure to name but a few.

With our vast experience and over 10,000 inspections completed, we are ideally placed to deliver all aspects of drone training from basic new operators to advanced training for the more experienced operators wanting to enhance their skill set.


  • Civil Aviation Authority authorised training provider
  • In-person or online courses
  • State of the art training facilities
  • Online personal learning portal
  • Bespoke training for businesses and organisations
  • Deliver training at your location
Combined GVC, A2 CofC


The GVC or General Visual Line of Sight Certificate is required for any drone pilot wishing to apply for an operational authorisation from the CAA to operate within the Specific Category.

The operational authorisation allows you to conduct more complex operations that do not fit in the open category of operations.

The GVC certificate opens your commercial operations up to new urban operations and is often a requirements for businesses looking to procure drone operators.

With every successful GVC course we offer a FREE A2 CofC.

A2 CofC


The new A2 Certificate of Competency (A2CofC) is the new drone qualification, that allows drone pilots to operate in the open category and complete a quick, cost effective course to be able to operate drones recreationally or commercially without the cost outlay of the GVC course.

A great starting block for any drone pilot.


  • Operate commercially or recreationally
  • No flight assessment
  • No renewal fees
  • No operations manual
  • No CAA authorisation (Free Flyer ID required)
  • Minimal restrictions
  • Complete online course
PfCO to GVC Conversion


The PfCO to GVC conversion is for drone pilots trained under the old NQE and holding a PfCO.

Those pilots need to have converted to the new GVC qualification by the 1st January 2024 after that those drone pilots will not be able to renew and operate in the specific category without re training.

To qualify for the Online GVC conversion pilots must:

  • Have an in date and valid PfCO at the time of the final exam
  • 2 hours of logged flight time in the 3 months prior to the final exam