Iprosurv is the UK’s leading drone supply chains, providing end to end solutions and packaged products for our clients

Whether you want to utilise our extensive supply chain of drone pilots and equipment or let us run your in house operations, Iprosurv have the solution to integrate drone technology into your workflow.

Iprosurv are used by leading insurance and facilities management companies to review claims and monitor assets across the country.

Iprosurv Operating in the commercial sector since 2014, Iprosurv actively pioneers the use of drones in a variety of commercial sectors. Since inception Iprosurv have assisted organisations and businesses by exploring along with implementing on demand drone solutions via their national supply chain of drone operators to a variety of commercial organisations including Fortune 500 companies and global organisations.

We supply high-quality visual intelligence and market-leading insight data to industries across the UK and around the world, using our network of expert drone pilots.

Whether your inspection needs are simple and standard or large and technically challenging, Iprosurv’s solutions are faster, more efficient and better value than traditional inspections.

Iprosurv possess extensive regulatory approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, through our complex operations exemptions operating with a limited take-off and landing areas in congested and urban environments along with an additional exemption for Extended flight (EVLOS).

Approved by the Civil Aviation Authority as a Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) we provide standard and bespoke training solutions to organisations or individuals wanting to become a CAA approved drone pilot or upgrade their qualification.

From building surveys to flood response to assisting emergency services, Iprosurv continues to push the boundaries of how drones can be used in business.

We also offer media access, transfer and storage, and comply fully with all relevant regulations – giving you peace of mind, whatever your inspection requirements, we are also an ISO-9001:2015 registered company, giving our clients even greater peace of mind.