Multi-Storey and Tower block Inspections

“We engaged with Iprosurv after receiving information on tower block inspections utilizing drone technology and the different outputs especially the 3D interactive model, we were not disappointing with the results. From the outset a professional set up from initial planning, communication all the way through to product delivery and support. We would definitely recommend Iprosurv.” – Housing Association Residential Director of Works

The task facing the nation’s property managers is huge. They have to survey an estimated 1,700 high rise blocks, remove the cladding and make them safe to live in. And they need to do it quickly..

Estimated Cost of £1.7 Million Pounds

It has been estimated that the cost of making each building safe could be in the region of £1.7m, covering everything from initial inspection, to the removal of cladding, to finishing the job. While it is clear that cutting corners or looking for cost savings in materials isn’t a viable option, there remains a pressing responsibility to keep costs down to make that fund stretch as far as is safely possible.

Save Time, Cost and Increase Safety

One part of the process where costs and timescales can be significantly reduced is in the inspection and survey of all these buildings through the use of drones. Not only can they do what a human can at a fraction of the cost, they can do it faster and with a greater degree of safety.

Our Technology Can:

  • Reduce Health and Safety Issues on Site
  • Save Time
  • Reduce Costs Over More Traditional Methods
  • Produce Simple and Repeatable Results
  • Share One Data Set with Multiple Stakeholders
  • Inspect for Defect Dilapidation
Where to Use Drone Technology
  • Multi Level or Multi Storey Inspections
  • Hard to Reach Assets
  • Large Area Surveys
  • Health and Safety Inspections
  • Construction Site Inspections
  • Security Inspections
  • Environmental and Fly Tipping
  • Defect Dilapidation Inspections
  • Pre and Post Tenancy Inspections
  • Periodic Works Progression Inspections
  • Pre and Post Works Validation
What We Can Detect:
  • Exterior Structural Damage
  • EWI / Cladding Condition
  • Missing or Damaged Insulation
  • Structural Furniture Damage
  • Right to Light Survey
  • Damp and Mold
  • Poor Insulation
  • Security Issues
  • Insurance Pre Risk Evaluation
So what does a high rise drone inspection involve?
  • Pilot attends within 24 – 48 hrs
  • Full survey conducted in using RGB technology
  • Optional Thermal Technology
  • Flight complete within 1 – 6 hrs depending on size
  • Data uploaded to secure GDPR compliant portal
  • Client receives data in an interactive 3D model format
  • Client access with tiered user access functionality
  • Instant Stakeholder share function for large data share
  • Accuracy at 20mm per pixel