Agriculture Inspections

“”The information gained from the drone and the subsequent software gave a real meaningful and accurate interpretation of the circumstances, and delivered data which could be acted upon, we will definitely be using the Iprosurv agricultural services again”” – Agronomist

Over the past few years, a burgeoning ecosystem of agriculture specific drone solutions have emerged to put aerial data to work in new and exciting ways – from detecting crop damage to analysing stand counts.

Speed and Accuracy of Data

Speed is often of the essence in farming, with diseases and invasive species capable of spreading quickly. A small problem could turn into something much more serious in the days – sometimes weeks – it takes to schedule and process imagery from a manned aircraft or satellite.

Rapid Deployment

The rapid deployment capability of drones – plus their range and speed – means farmers can secure a high-resolution, comprehensive map of their land in a matter of minutes.

Accurate Data Reports

Iprosurv is the only provider to have a nationwide network of fully trained, regulated and specialist drone pilots providing agriculturalists, Agronomists and Farmers with high resolution agricultural reports to help maintain their land.

Our Technology Can Help With:

  • Crop Monitoring
  • Livestock management
  • Crop Sparing
  • Irregation Mapping
  • Improve Yields
  • predict outcomes sooner and with better accuracy
Pre-Plant, Plant Emergence, In Season
  • Evaluate seed, inputs and equipment performance
  • Predict outcomes sooner and with better accuracy
  • Improve in-season management decisions IN SEASON PRODUCTION
  • Analyze crop health at field edge
  • Identify and locate weeds and management issues
  • Apply inputs with precision
  • Validate treatment effectiveness
  • Act before issues are visible to the naked eye
Late Season, Harvest and Off Season
  • Determine late-season nitrogen needs
  • Evaluate harvest readiness
  • Identify harvest order OFF SEASON
  • Create drainage and land-levelling plans and practices
  • Design subsurface drainage
  • Build variable rate prescriptions
  • Evaluate equipment operation and practices
Drone technology and analytics
  • Normalized difference vegetation Index (NDVI)
  • Normalized difference red edge (NDRE)
  • Multi spectral
  • Stand count
  • Tassel count analytics
  • Weed mapping
  • Crop Life cycle
  • Crop damage assessments
  • Overall crop and plant health Land distribution based on crop type Detailed GPS maps of crop areas