Engineering LOLER and Statutory Inspections

“Iprosurv are the goto company for our statutory LOLER inspections quick, efficient and always good delivery the Iprosurv portal allows for great inspection ordering, tracking and delivery.” – Thames Water

In the last five years, drones have been making their presence felt across the economic landscape from agriculture and architecture to engineering and insurance.

Fast , Cost Effective and Safe

They have been adopted so easily in so many markets because they are a fast, cost effective and safe alternative to traditional methods of working. And have proven themselves to be effortlessly adaptable to any natural or built environment.

Statutory Inspections

Which is why drones are fast becoming an integral element of the often complex, costly and risky world of engineering. Drone technology can assist in everything from crane inspections to internal examinations of tanks and flues.

Defect Detection, Degradation and Repair Progress Monitoring

Iprosurv has been at the forefront of exploring and exploiting these applications on behalf of our clients. There are a huge range of uses for drones in engineering including defect detection, degradation tracking, damage investigation, repair-progress monitoring, evidence collection and loss prevention.

High Tec Systems and Software

And we are constantly investing in our tech to make sure that our clients are getting the best results possible as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. For example, our pilots fly the Elios 2 internal drone which is equipped with both RGB and thermal cameras which allows us to create 3D internal models of the surveyed structure.

Our Technology Can:

  • Reduce Health and Safety Issues on Site
  • Save Time
  • Reduce Costs Over More Traditional Methods
  • Produce Simple and Repeatable Results
  • Share One Data Set with Multiple Stakeholders
  • Inspect for Defect Dilapidation
Where to Use Drone Technology
  • Legally mandated , periodic thorough examinations
  • Internal examination of tanks and digesters
  • Examination of crane structures
  • Internal examination of boiler flues
  • Building roof inspections
  • Cold store insulation integrity
  • Photo voltaic cell array integrity
  • lift shaft inspections
What We Can Detect:
  • Defect detection
  • Degradation tracking
  • Damage investigation
  • Repair progress monitoring
  • Evidence collection
  • Loss prevention
  • Poor Insulation
  • Security Issues
  • Pre Risk Evaluation
Specialist drones include?
  • Elios 2 caged drone for internal inspections
  • Asio caged drone for internal inspections
  • Tritex drone with built in thickness gauge
  • Matrice 210 RTK
  • Matrice 210 Thermal
  • Matrice 300
  • Matrice 300 Lidar