Forestry Maintenance and inspection

“After storm Arwen hit the Scottish borders, and caused sever wind blow damage to our forestry blocks we contacted Iprosurv to gather the data required for felling permissions and re planting plans, as well as the need to reduce the risk to personnel from falling trees. We planned a date for the information to be gathered on 80 hectares of wind blown forestry the data was delivered within 48 hrs and compatible with GIS software, we will definitely be using Iprosurv in the future and also in other areas of our business as well as wind blow damage where consultation…

Forestry is big businesses in the UK, with it becoming increasingly important in the reduction of carbon emissions forestry blocks need to be maintained and monitored to ensure maximum health and growth.

Managing these forestry blocks can be a time consuming task needing to access each block to measure growth and health of the trees, drone technology has become ever more popular due to sensor technology and software integration, taken properly the data can be integrated into most GIS platforms and also bespoke management software such as Senteras range of sensors and software, produce accurate data on demand.

Monitoring Forestry

Using state of the art drone sensors with RGB and NDVI technology we are able to set up a management plan from planting, to constant monitoring firstly with drone technology and then as the crop develops with satellite imagery which can be accessed by the client whenever they require data.

Save Time, Cost and Increase Safety

One part of the process where costs and timescales can be significantly reduced is in the inspection and survey of the forestry blocks drones can cover an estimated 30 hectares in approximately 15 minutes, delivering high definition images and video.

Drones offer reductions in health and safety issues especially in wind blow situations where forests become extremely unstable and dangerous, personnel are able to utilise drone data to formulate access plans and clearance prior to attendance.

Our Technology Can:

  • Monitor forestry health and help with management
  • Save Time, Cost and Increase Safety
  • Produce vital data after wind blow events to ensure clearance plans can be implemented quickly
  • Produce Simple and Repeatable Results
  • Share One Data Set with Multiple Stakeholders
  • Inspect and report on wind blow events with results integrated into GIS software or Iprosurv’s proprietary system.
Where to Use Drone Technology
  • Forestry management
  • Wind blown damage
  • Monitoring of forestry heath
  • Planned coppicing
  • Access management
  • Security Inspections
  • Environmental and Fly Tipping
  • Species identification
  • Fire break inspection
  • Satellite monitoring
What We Can Deliver:
  • High definition images and video
  • GEO tagged images for use in GIS software
  • Orth mosaic images for large areas for import into GIS
  • Plant health
  • Constant monitoring via satellite imagery
  • Inspect condition of fire breaks and access routes
  • Security Issues
  • Insurance Pre Risk Evaluation
  • Insurance data for wind blow events
  • High and low resolution 3d models
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Digital Surface Models
So what does a forestry drone inspection involve?
  • Pilot attends within 24 – 48 hrs (weather dependant)
  • Full survey conducted in using RGB technology
  • Optional NDVI Imagery and software
  • Flight complete within 1 – 6 hrs depending on size
  • Data uploaded to secure GDPR compliant portal
  • Client receives data in format required Tif, Tiff, JPG, DTM, 4K video
  • Client access with tiered user access functionality
  • Instant Stakeholder share function for large data share
  • Accuracy down to 1.5 cm per pixel
  • Orthomosaic images delivered and low res 3d as standard
  • High resolution 3d models as an option