“Really good footage, I think the model is really useful. It’s so easy to view of the whole site and then drill down to any particular areas of interest” – Insurer
Buildings can be complex structures, with hidden areas that either cannot be reached using conventional survey techniques – such as scaffolding, cherry pickers and mast photography – or for which the cost of access would be prohibitive.

Complex Inspection From Desktop

Iprosurv’s aerial media survey drones offer a cost-effective, safe and speedy way to capture high-definition film and still-photography images of such hard-to-reach places. These images can be made available to you, electronically, within hours of the survey, so that in-depth desktop surveys of complex structures can be carried out. We can also offer media management solutions.

Drones are ideal for inspecting:

  • Roofs
  • Chimneys
  • Unsafe buildings
  • Hard-to-reach buildings
  • Stadiums
  • High-rise buildings

Regular building inspections allow you to monitor the condition of assets over time and carry out preventative maintenance. Drones easily measure distances, areas and volumes in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional surveying methods. They can access high-risk areas and squeeze into locations that a human crew would find too difficult to reach.

Thermal-imaging inspection

Our survey drones can be equipped with multiple cameras, including state-of-the-art thermal-imaging cameras, for in-depth inspection of areas invisible to the human eye. These can help with damp detection, post-flood assessment, structural problems, component failure, and energy and heat loss. Post-inspection analysis is also possible for desktop surveys and spot-temperature anomalies.

Mapping data

These allow us to collate data to produce accurate surveys, 3D models and maps. These models can be shared with customers, collaborators and stakeholders, giving them a 360-degree perspective on a project and allowing them to explore a site remotely.