Stockpile and Quarry Monitoring Solutions

“Our company wanted to employ drone technology into our workflow, Iprosurv were efficient professional and worked with us throughout, the results were amazing and we will be employing drone services by Iprosurv into our workflow.” – Quarry Management Company

Determine Risk

Any tip or stockpile where there is measurable movement is potentially unsafe. Appropriate procedures should be implemented immediately to determine the risk and required remedial action. This will involve immediate reappraisal or reassessment.

Control Measures and Inspection Regime

All excavations, tips and lagoons must be designed constructed and maintained to ensure stability and not place persons at risk to their safety and health. The control measures and inspection regime must be set out in the tips and stockpiles operating procedures. The inspection regime should include the data obtained from the design, normal operations, inspection, appraisal and assessment work.

Stockpile Failure

In addition to the potential failure of a stockpile, tip or lagoon there are risks associated with the loading and unloading of tips and stockpiles presenting dangers to persons working below or operating vehicles in the area. Many incidents occur from rock falling off faces and from equipment falling off tips.

Volumetric Measurements

Using drones to enhance your workflow of construction sites, quarries, Stockpiles etc, can give quick and accurate measurements of volume, measurement, and value of stock. Drones are cost effective, repeatable, and reduce health and safety risks.

Our Technology Can Help With:

  • Stockpile Levels
  • Quarry Levels
  • Cut and Fill Measurements
  • Volumetric Reports
  • Quarry Face Deterioration
Drone Stockpile and Quarry Management Advantages
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Risk and Safety Management
  • Simple and Repeatable Inspections Results
  • Cut Costs, Improve Decision Making, Reduce Access Issues
  • One Data Set, Multiple Outputs
  • Instantly Shareable with all Stakeholders
  • Cut and Fill Reports
  • Volumetric Measurements
Drone technology and analytics
  • Ortho-mosaic models
  • 3D Interactive Models
  • Ground elevation models
  • Volumetric measurements
  • Lidar data collection
  • Thermal data collection and reporting
  • KML file production for google earth overlay
  • Cut and Fill Reports
Why Iprosurv

Not all drone service suppliers are the same Iprosurv have continually inovated within the drone market, which is reflected in our client base. Some of the advantages of using Iprosurv are: Full UK Coverage Proprietary software system with white label option and unlimited user access with self serve granular access permissions to users.

  • On site access within 4 8hrs
  • Multiple outputs from one data set
  • ISO 9001 company
  • Fully managed service option.
  • £10 million insurance cover