Insurance Claims & Risk Surveys

““I would highly recommend your firm. The drone footage has been very useful in giving us a detailed picture of the the damage building. We would have needed cherry pickers to view the roof structures. I am confident a visual inspection using cherry pickers would not have provided the details we have obtained via the drone. ” – Adjuster Complex and Major Loss
Drones are quick, cost-effective, non- invasive inspection solutions that deliver stunning results to aid better, faster and more precise decision-making.

Simple or Complex

Whether you need a simple inspection of roof damage or have a complex case with access challenges, on which it is hard to agree liability or make quantum decisions, Iprosurv can help.

Our drone technology was initially employed on domestic and commercial property claims, both routine and major. Its use has since been extended to other classes of insurance – such as agriculture and real estate – and we are now exploring how drone inspection might benefit even more areas of the sector.

Drone Damage Insurance

On losses, our drones can access unsafe sites and be the initial method of evidence collection, allowing you to give your customers information, damage-description decisions and reserve assessments. They can help you to take mitigating actions quickly and collect a library of evidence through the drone inspection process for future reference. Tracking a repair is also made easier with drones, because the same image – taken at different points in time – can be overlaid to show how it is progressing.

Service Level Agreement

Iprosurv can be on site swiftly and will issue reports within 24 hours of image collection. These can be delivered to you in a variety of ways, including by uploading images onto a shared access portal to allow multiple parties to view them simultaneously.

Compared with other inspection methods, the benefits of drone technology and aerial surveys are compelling. One Iprosurv client has made a nine-fold saving on the cost of instruction, 45% of which was from a reduction in inspection costs and 55% from enhanced indemnity-control decisions. There was also less disruption to their business and less downtime on achieving a settlement.

Being Prepared

Being prepared for a loss before it happens is crucial, so Iprosurv can help you draw up an advance plan for implementation whenever it is needed. Book Your Survey

Insurance risk surveys

After establishing our reputation on claims, we now do insurance risk survey work and are increasingly used for risk management, undertaking annual maintenance inspection programmes for clients through our aerial surveys. If you want to explore how this could help you and your clients, please get in touch.

“The net result was a claim originally estimated by the Insured in the region of £280,000 being settled for £30,000….”

“The roof area was 8,500m2 and had seven valley gutters each of which would have required access from ground level off either a scaffold tower or MEWP. The latter wouldn’t really have been appropriate for health and safety reasons. The claim related to alleged storm damage and in consequence the whole roof needed to be reviewed to ascertain the extent of potential insurance liability.

You attended to survey the roof completing a mosaic of the area, which enabled detailed close up inspection to be carried out as a desk top survey. The net result was a claim originally estimated by the Insured in the region of £280,000 being settled for £30,000. In addition the costs incurred in completing the survey were substantially less than if I had to carry out the survey myself and a more detailed record of the roof condition was obtained.”

Ideal for assessing premises pre and post-event, such as:

  • Buildings with complex structures
  • Sites with H&S access issues
  • Contaminated sites
  • Flooded sites
  • Premises affected by fire