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2 Day Mapping,Surveying and Photogrammetry

Comprehensive 2-day course

Our comprehensive 2-day course delves into the core principles of aerial drone imaging for mapping and surveying applications, designed to elevate the expertise of commercial drone operators and businesses in the realm of drone-based mapping. We equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to proficiently plan and compile imaging data from various UAVs and cameras, leading to the creation of valuable geospatial products. We also guide them in presenting this processed data using widely-used Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) such as Reality Capture, Pix4D, Drone Deploy, Drone Harmony, and other industry-standard tools.

Drones in Digital-Terrain-map

Intermediate learning for UAS pilots wanting to offer more!

Understanding drone mapping theory, introduction to photogrammetry, imaging formats, and camera settings is paramount for drone pilots aiming to enhance their capabilities and offer more to their clients. Drone mapping theory provides the foundation for creating accurate and detailed maps, essential for applications ranging from land surveying to environmental monitoring. An introduction to photogrammetry equips pilots with the knowledge to capture and process aerial images effectively, transforming them into valuable three-dimensional models.

Practical insights and hands on training

Familiarity with imaging formats and camera settings ensures optimal data acquisition, resulting in high-quality and precise outputs. The Mapping, Surveying, and Photogrammetry course serves as a comprehensive guide, offering practical insights and hands-on training for drone pilots looking to elevate their skills. By mastering these elements, drone pilots can provide clients with more comprehensive and reliable data, opening up opportunities for diverse applications such as construction site monitoring, agricultural planning, and infrastructure inspection.

Drone Aerial Imaging Mastercalss Course for Mapping, surveying, and Photogrammetry
Automated Flight Planning Software

Flight Planning Software

In the realm of automated planning missions, a profound understanding of flight planning software is indispensable. Mastery of these tools is critical as it empowers individuals to harness the full potential of automated systems in the domain of aerial missions. This course plays a pivotal role in imparting essential skills by introducing participants to cutting-edge flight planning tools such as Drone Harmony, Drone Deploy, and Pix4D. These software platforms are instrumental in providing users with a comprehensive suite of capabilities, enabling them to craft and execute automated flight plans with precision and efficiency. The acquired knowledge equips participants with the proficiency to generate sophisticated automated flight plans, ensuring optimal utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and enhancing the effectiveness of missions across various sectors, including agriculture, surveying, and environmental monitoring. Ultimately, a thorough understanding of flight planning software is a cornerstone for success in navigating the dynamic landscape of automated mission planning.

Immersive practical learning

Embark on an enriching journey into the realms of Mapping, Surveying, and Photogrammetry with the exceptional Iprosurv course. Our meticulously crafted curriculum ensures a comprehensive learning experience, seamlessly blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on training. Delve into the intricacies of desktop flight planning, mastering the art of translating plans into action at our designated flight planning locations. The practical sessions stand as the cornerstone of our program, where you not only receive expert guidance on utilizing a GPS rover with an RTK connection but also gain proficiency in basic layout and site setup. Uncover the significance of Ground Control Points (GCPs) and their on-site applications, acquiring essential skills and insights into must-do practices and pitfalls to avoid. Elevate your expertise in Mapping, Surveying, and Photogrammetry through the immersive and practical approach offered by Iprosurv, setting you on the path to success in this dynamic field.


Course Locations

This course is run at two locations Sheffield and Ely in Cambridge both locations have teaching facilities and large practical flight training spaces to enable you to practice and confirm what you have learned. Both locations are accessible to wheelchair users, the Sheffield location is 2 minutes from Junction 33 of the M1


  • Drone mapping theory

  • Introduction to Photogrammetry

  • Imaging Formats

  • Camera Settings

  • Geospatial Coordinate Systems and GSD


  • Mapping, Surveying, and Photogrammetry Outputs

  • RTK and PPK (Precision GNSS)

  • Planning Tools (Drone Harmony, Drone Deploy, and Pix4D)

  • Site-Specific Planning


  • Practical guidance on using a GPS Rover with an RTK connection

  • Site layout and setup

  • Efficient onsite image collection technique


  • Quality Assurance (QA) procedures onsite

  • Organizing and Processing Imaging Data

  • Q&A
  • Course Close