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Service Leavers 10 Day Combined GVC, A2CofC and Mapping Advanced Course

Transition from Military Life to Civilian Life

Transitioning from military to civilian life presents a multitude of challenges, with retraining being a significant hurdle. It’s a formidable process, encompassing the search for a new career path, adapting to unfamiliar civilian work environments, and identifying suitable training programs. For many veterans, pinpointing their desired profession amidst a sea of options can be overwhelming, compounded by the uncertainty of whether their military skills align with civilian demands.

Retraining requires substantial effort and commitment, often involving learning entirely new skills or updating existing ones to fit the civilian landscape. Additionally, finding a reliable training partner who understands the unique needs and experiences of veterans can be scarce, further complicating the transition journey. Despite the obstacles, with perseverance and support, many veterans successfully navigate this challenging process and carve out fulfilling civilian careers.

Service Leavers 10 Day Combined GVC, A2CofC and Mapping Advanced Course
Overcoming a Different Set of Hurdles

Overcoming a Different Set of Hurdles

Transitioning from military service to business owner presents a unique set of challenges for service leavers. Despite the disciplined structure ingrained during their time in the forces, navigating the uncharted waters of business ownership often proves daunting. The abrupt shift from a regimented environment to the ambiguity of entrepreneurial ventures can leave veterans feeling adrift.

Factors such as limited civilian networks, unfamiliarity with commercial practices, and adjusting to a vastly different corporate culture contribute to the struggle.

The Correct Instructional Understanding and Delivery is as Vital as the Course Content

Choosing the right courses is critical for service leavers transitioning to civilian life. Instructors who understand their unique needs, challenges, and preferred learning techniques are indispensable. These instructors provide tailored support, helping veterans navigate the transition smoothly and effectively. By choosing courses taught by such instructors, service leavers can confidently tackle academic challenges and build successful post-service careers.

Service Leavers 10 Day Combined GVC A2CofC and Mapping Advanced Course 1

Our training is based on our experiance of our instructors making the transition

Iprosurv Military Instructors

Our Instructors Experince

Iprosurv’s instructors bring unparalleled expertise to their courses, all stemming from their backgrounds as ex-military personnel who have successfully transitioned into civilian life. With firsthand knowledge of the challenges veterans face when reintegrating into civilian society, our instructors offer invaluable insights and support tailored to meet the specific needs of veterans. Spearheaded by our COO, who navigated his own transition after 24 years of service in the Army to establish the highly prosperous drone business, Iprosurv, our team embodies the ethos that experience is the most powerful teacher. This unique blend of military discipline, real-world experience, and entrepreneurial success ensures that our courses not only educate but empower veterans to thrive in their post-military endeavors.

Transferable Skill have lots.

The absence of readily transferable skills and the absence of a safety net amplify the uncertainty. While the military equips individuals with resilience and leadership, translating these qualities into the business realm requires adaptation and perseverance. Overcoming these hurdles demands tailored support, mentorship, and resources catered to the unique needs of service leavers turned aspiring entrepreneurs, facilitating a smoother transition into civilian entrepreneurial endeavors.

Believe it or not you have many transferable skill sets that can help when starting your drone business or career.

Service Leavers 10 Day Combined GVC A2CofC and Mapping Advanced Course 2
Service Leavers 10 Day Combined GVC A2CofC and Mapping Advanced Course 3

Competing with seasoned civilian drone pilots.

Transitioning from the armed forces to the competitive landscape of the drone sector can be a daunting prospect, especially when faced with seasoned drone pilots boasting years of experience. However, for those embarking on this journey, the Service Leavers 10 Day Combined GVC A2CofC and Mapping Advanced Course serves as a beacon of opportunity. Beyond merely attaining drone qualifications, this comprehensive program equips individuals with advanced skills crucial for success in the industry. From mastering mapping techniques to honing construction monitoring abilities and delving into software processing intricacies, participants emerge with a robust skill set poised to navigate the complexities of the drone sector. With this invaluable training, former service members are empowered to not only compete but excel in their pursuit of establishing their own drone business or securing employment in this dynamic field.

From Field to Urban Environment

The Iprosurv Service Leavers 10 Day Combined GVC, A2CofC, and Mapping Advanced Course offers a transformative journey from field to urban environments, equipping participants with essential skills for drone operations. Upon passing the practical flight assessment, the course delves into more complex operations, refining skillsets necessary for diverse scenarios. In the final two days, participants learn to plan and execute automated mapping missions alongside mastering the basics of post-processing. These skills are pivotal for expanding drone operations and fostering business growth, empowering individuals to navigate both field and urban landscapes with proficiency and confidence.

Service Leavers 10 Day Combined GVC, A2CofC and Mapping Advanced Course