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Iprosurv Pilot Information Database

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Pilot Name:

Sam Withers

Flyer ID:




Operational Category/Authorisations

Sam Withers Aviva Drone Pilot

UAS Pilot Competencies

Residential Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Mapping Surveys

Understanding the capabilities of your drone pilot is crucial to ensuring optimal service and achieving the desired outcomes. In recognising this importance, Iprosurv has taken a pioneering step by introducing pilot competencies modules to elevate and professionalise the drone industry.

This initiative ensures that pilots undergo thorough assessments, validating their skills and competency in specific areas.

By having a clear understanding of your pilot’s capabilities, you can confidently rely on their expertise to navigate complex aerial tasks, whether it be for surveillance, mapping, or other applications.

Iprosurv’s commitment to setting a standard for pilot competence not only enhances the quality of services provided but also instills confidence in clients seeking the highest level of proficiency in drone operations.

Drone technology continues building on solid foundations in construction