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2d and 3d Model and Mapping Photogrammetry Package

The Iprosurv Advanced 2D and 3D Photogrammetry Inspection Package is designed for enthusiasts and professionals embarking on a photogrammetry journey, equipped with all the essential tools and knowledge to effectively collect and analyze drone data.

This comprehensive package includes advanced training that covers both the production of 2D and 3D photogrammetry and basic mapping projects. Participants will learn to create detailed 3D models and perform advanced analytics.

Additionally, the course provides an introduction to advanced automated flight planning and data processing using state-of-the-art software, ensuring that learners gain hands-on experience with the latest technology in the field.

Ideal for those looking to deepen their understanding and skills in drone-based surveying and modeling, this package is a gateway to mastering photogrammetry and its applications.

£3,328.80 Exc VAT

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