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Drone Pilot Essential Safety Pack

Drone Pilot Essentials Safety Pack

Introducing the Drone Pilot Essentials Safety Pack, the ultimate companion for every drone operator committed to safety and professionalism.

This comprehensive pack includes all the crucial tools and resources necessary to ensure safe and compliant drone operations. From pre-flight checklists to emergency response guides, every aspect of safe drone piloting is covered.

Equipped with essential safety gear such as high-visibility vests and safety cones, this pack not only enhances operational safety but also projects a professional image to clients and onlookers.

With the Drone Pilot Essentials Safety Pack, you can fly with confidence, knowing you have the necessary tools to prioritize safety and adhere to regulations, while demonstrating your commitment to professionalism to clients and stakeholders alike. Fly safer, fly smarter with the Drone Pilot Essentials Safety Pack.

£208.33 Exc VAT

Whats in the pack?

1 x 90 ltr cordura waterproof wheeled holdall.

1 x pack of 4 collapsable safety cones

1 x drone pilot high viz vest

1 x visitor high viz vest

1 x reversable drone landing mat (including case and pegs)

1 x first aid kit

1 x Anemometer (wind speed and temperature)

1 x fire Extinguisher (powder)

1 x waterproof notebook

1 x compass